# heap

An unsafe interface to use the dynamic memory manager directly, resembling malloc, realloc and free. Manual memory management can be used in parallel to garbage collection, which can be quite handy, but manually managed blocks cannot be mixed with garbage collected objects (i.e. trying to heap.free a GC object or casting a block to a managed object respectively would break since one has a GC header and the other does not).

# Static members

  • function heap.alloc(size: usize): usize

    Allocates a chunk of memory of at least the specified size.

  • function heap.realloc(ptr: usize, size: usize): usize

    Reallocates a chunk of memory to have at least the specified size.

  • function heap.free(ptr: usize): void

    Frees a chunk of memory.

  • function heap.reset(): void

    Dangerously resets the entire heap. Specific to the "stub" runtime.